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    Lajos Huszár - Autobiography I was born on 26th September 1948 in Szeged, Hungary. My father was Dr. Lajos Huszár, physician, my mother was Mária Nagy, both natives of the Hungarian town Hódmezővásárhely.

    My wife is Éva Papp, music teacher.

    I began my music studies at the Music School of Hódmezővásárhely. I learned piano with Mrs. Lajos Berei, but my interest to vocal music derived from her too: I often listened to the singing of her students, later I accompanied them on the piano. From Béla Steiner I got the first introductions to composition , music theory and music history. I continued my studies at the Secondary Music School in Szeged, where I was the pupil of István Vántus. During the years in Szeged (1963-67) my most important musical experiences were the opera performances in the local theatre, conducted by Viktor Vaszy. I studied composition with Endre Szervánszky and Zsolt Durkó at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. I obtained my composer’s diploma in 1973. In 1975 I continued my studies at the Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome, with Goffredo Petrassi.

    Between 1973 and 1984 I was teacher of the Szeged Secondary Music School. I divided the following years between the Academy of Theatrical Art in Budapest and the Secondary Music School in Békéscsaba. In 1989 I returned to Szeged, where I taught at the Secondary Music School, later at the Music Department of the Szeged University. I was professor of music theory, music history and composition. I retired on pension in 2008. Like pensioner, I taught at the Nyíregyháza College and at the Béla Bartók Conservatoire in Budapest until 2013. I was member of the Doctor’s Committee of the Music Academy for ten years.

    I divide my composer’s career in three periods:
    1. between 1973-80 I wrote moderately modern, atonal compositions (Musica concertante op.3., The 6th Psalm op.4., Five Piano Pieces op.5., Scherzo and Adagio op.8., Brass Quintet op.12.)
    2. The works of my second period (1981-2004) is characterized by a total or partial return to tonality (Songs of Solitude op.16., Concerto rustico op.18., Chamber Concerto op.20., The Silence – opera, op.27., Icons to the memory of János Pilinszky op.30., Passion op.33.)
    3. In my last period I returned to the atonal music (Trittico estivo op.29., Magic Songs from South Hungary op.34., Ballad for cimbalom op.36., Dream Monologues op.37.)

    The most important features of my music, as I see it:
    1. inclination to a personal, lyrical expressivity,
    2. a certain distance from the avantgarde tendencies,
    3.the great importance of the vocal works (song, choir, cantata, opera),
    4. an affection for religious subjects (motets, passion).

    My memberships at different institutions: Union of Hungarian Composers (like member of the presidency), Hungarian Company for Music, Hungarian Academy of Arts.

    My honours: Erkel Prize (1994), Bartók-Pásztory Prize (2003), Artisjus Prize (Passion – work of the year), 2014. Artisjus Prize (Dream Monologues op.37. – work of the year)