List of works

1. Opera

The Silence, opera in four scenes, libretto by László Darvasi, after a tale by Béla Balázs (first performance: Szeged National Theatre, Februar 11. 2005)

2. Chamber orchestra, chamber ensemble

  • Musica per dieci, op.2. (1974), for wind instruments and percussion
  • Musica concertante, op.3. (1975), for wind instruments and percussion
  • Scherzo and Adagio,op.8. (1978) for strings and percussion
  • Concerto rustico, op.18. (1985) for 2 flutes, 2 horns and strings
  • Chamber Concerto, op.20. (1987-2013) for Cello and string
  • Funeral music, op.26/a. (2016) for chamber ensemble

3. Works for solo insruments

  • Five Piano Pieces, op.5. (1977)
  • Sonata for Harpsichord, op.11. (1979-85)
  • Notturno for piano, op.17. (1984-2011)
  • Libera me for organ, op.26. (1993)
  • Ballad for cimbalom (dulcimer), op.36. (2011-13)
  • Sonata rustica for violin, op.38. (2013)
  • Dream fragments for flute, op.37/b. (2013-16)
  • Toccata for marimba, op.44. (2017)

4. Chamber Music

  • Brass Quintet, op.12. (1980)
  • Song at Daybreak, op.19. (1987) for flute and vibraphon
  • Trittico estivo, op.29. (1998) for oboe and piano, version for flute and piano
  • Momenti umani, op.43. (2017) for two flutes and precussion
  • Three pieces on Chinese themes, (2016) for cello and piano

5. Works for voices and instruments

  • The 69th Psalm, op.4. (1976) for tenor and piano (Hungarian text)
  • Two songs to the poems by Endre Ady, op.6. (1977-83) for bass and piano (Hungarian text)
  • Three songs to the poems by Else Lasker-Schüler, op13. (1981-89) for soprano and viola (German text)
  • Songs of Solitude, to Quechua folk texts in Hungarian traduction by József Tornai, op.16. (1983-95), for soprano and percussion
  • Icons to the Memory of János Pilinszky, to liturgical texts and a poem by J. Pilinszky, op.30. (2000) for soprano, strings and percussion (Latin and Hungarian text)
  • Magic Songs from South Hungary, to the poems by Zoltán Polner, op.34. (2009-11), for mezzosoprano (alto) and piano (Hungarian text)
  • Dream Monologues to the poems by Judit Katona, op.37. (2013), for mezzosoprano (alto), flute and percussion (Hungarian text)
  • Cherubinische Gesänge (Cherubic songs), song cycle to poems by Angelus Silesius, op.42. (2016), for tenor and piano
  • Und er trug sein Kreuz (And he carried his cross), solocantata, op.41. (2016), for tenor and organ

6. Choir works, cantatas

  • On a Moonlit path (Hold-lepte úton), four songs for children’s choir and piano to the poems by Sándor Weöres (1968-2008) (Hungarian text)
  • Caligaverunt, female choir (1976) (Latin)
  • Two Madrigals for mixed choir, to poems by Sándor Weöres (1981) (Hungarian)
  • Under the Silver Rose (Az ezüst rózsa alatt), male choir to the poem by Mihály Babits (1983) (Hungarian)
  • Ave Maria, female choir (1983
  • Dies sanctificatus, female choir, op.15.(1983)
  • The Flower of Silence (A csönd virága), mixed choir to the poem by Ferenc Juhász, op.23. (1990), (Hungarian text)
  • Song of Destiny (Sorsének), female choir to liturgical text and a sentence of László Németh, op.25. (1992)
  • Agnus Dei, mixed choir, op.28. (1996)
  • Cantata of Nativity Songs (Betlehemes-kantáta), for children’s choir and string orchestra (1997) (Hungarian)
  • Angelic Salutation (Angyali üdvözlet), female choir, op.32. (2001) (Hungarian)
  • Passio et mors Domini nostri Jesu Christi, for four soloists, mixed choir, organ and percussion op.33. (2003-4) (Latin text)
  • Three Motets for female choir (Videntes stellam, Dormi Jesu, Hodie Christus natus est) (2007-8)
  • Three German Motets for mixed choir (O Wunder ohne Massen, Mein Auge wacht, Strafe mich nicht in deinem Zorn), op.35. (2011-14)
  • Forest Lament (Erdei sirató), female choir to the poem by Zoltán Polner, op.39. (2014) (Hungarian)
  • Kyrie in C, mixed choir, (2016)
  • Requiem aeternam, mixed choir (2017)
  • Resurrectio Domini nostri Jesu Christi (Resurrection Oratorio) for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra, op.40. (2015-17)

7. Pedagogical and occasional works

  • Two pieces for oboe and piano (1972)
  • Clod to clod (Rög a röghöz), piano pieces for children (1975)
  • Genre scenes (Életképek), piano pieces for children (1975)
  • Sparkler (Csillagszóró), piano piece for children (1975)
  • Serenata concertante, for flute and string orchestra (1981)
  • Play songs (Játékdalok), songs for actors to poems by Sándor Weöres, for voice and piano (1985)
  • Songs for actors to poems by Sándor Petőfi, Árpád Tóth, Mikhail Lermontov and Christian Morgenstern, for voice and piano (1985-86)
  • Pieces, studies for horn, for the Horn Tutor by Pálma Szilágyi and Miklós Kökényessy (1987-88)
  • Divertimento for flute and piano (revised version of Serenata concertante) (2011)
  • Four Hungarian Folksongs for girls’ choir and little orchestra (2013)
  • Sonata leggera for five-part clarinet ensemble (2013)
  • Animato for brass band (2017)
  • Pieces and arrangements for the Cello Tutorial by Gábor Gárdián